Friday, July 3, 2009

WIHTWH: a very supportive breastfeeding environment

It's one of the profound joys I have in motherhood and womanhood, and I'll tell you, it only gets more and more fun as my babe gets older. I love being in a place where, if I'm in the middle of a Relief Society lesson, I'm not only allowed, but encouraged to multitask: stand at the blackboard with my boy cradled in one arm, calmed and stilled with warm milky familiarity, chalk or teaching manual in the other.

"It's not a problem," our Relief Society president assures me. "This is part of our culture."

ps: In the category of "odd ways to measure a life's time,"
Finn turned one a month ago. That means I've been nursing offspring for roughly ten percent of my life.


Heidi said...

I have been pregnant or nursing for 13 years. It is strange to be done both. Now what do I do?

Willis Family said...

I think nursing is one of the most precious miracles out there. My little Stephanie used to nurse her baby dolls while I was nursing Whitney! I love it!

Geo said...

Love the tandem nursing photo.